Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So recently I was at a meeting of area clergy of all kinds of denominations and, due to illness at the babysitter's Baby Girl was with me. The local Catholic priest asked if I was back to work part-time. I said, "full-time." He said, "Wow, that must be hard--two full-time jobs, pastor and mother. Well--three full-time jobs including your relationship with your husband." (I'm paraphrasing somewhat.) He is (not surpisingly) one of two unmarried clergy in our group and one of three who don't have children (the other two are the other two women of the group besides me). I was a bit surprised that he was the one who seems to get it best, to recognize the juggling act that I do each day.

But he really got me thinking and I think it's more like four full-time jobs: pastor, mother, wife, me. I'm sortof finding a bit of balance in the first three, sortof. But the job of taking care of me, well, I'm not doing so good at that. And there's overlap, of course, but my husband doesn't care if the house is messy, I want it clean for me! I haven't figured out how to carve out the time to do the things that I need to do for me. Baby Girl is a happy, good-natured girl, but she is a baby and also is an attention-hound and very inquisitive. I tried one day to wear her in a front carrier while I tried to do things around the house, but her hands were in everything so it was really anti-productive.

I don't need much, really--just some time. Maybe I just need better time managment.

Oh--and some motivation for my pastor job. Anyone handing out any of that?


Songbird said...

I know people manage to do parenting of babies and full time ministry at the same time, but I think it helps if you're at least a little in love with both. Is it perhaps time to evaluate your call to this particular ministry?

Sarah S-D said...

think i'll send you an e-mail.

you are balancing a lot. i'm glad your priest colleague gets it. and it is HARD to keep yourself in the equation. yup, i'll send an e-mail.

Sarah S-D said...

oh, but i meant to do this. (((((silent))))))