Thursday, January 31, 2013


I haven't forgotten my word assignment. And I'm writing--or rather, thinking about writing--because I need to be. Soon!

I think I've gotten in over my head with Lent starting so soon. I have a week to crank out the rest of this week's sermon, next week's sermon, plus a Lenten 'guidebook' for lack of a better term. Such great ideas I had...UGH!

Then Lent will be upon us, with two sermons per week. I might never blog again. But I can't stand a month not appearing in archives--how crazy is that?

So, instead of this week's sermon, I'm writing here for just a few minutes. Sigh...

And the things I'm thinking, I just can't seem to put down. I'm anonymous here, "Silent," but too afraid to put some things out here. I try to be careful because anyone who might happen upon this who knows me in real life would identify me in a heartbeat. And there are a few real life friends who read this too--though those people in particular are not ones I'd mind knowing these things, but I can't help but think, "what if?"

Maybe it's time to let the blog go--but then I'm not sure I'll write what I don't have to write. Or maybe, I need to let the worry of anonymity go and write about different things.

Guess that's for later. Instead, the sermon beckons.