Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Five--Five Things about Me

Songbird at RevGals writes, "Whether it's new friends or new loves or new employers, what are five things people should know about you?"

1. I find questions like this particularly difficult. I am a very shy introvert. Give me specific questions to answer please!

2. With the exception of my husband, I currently feel like I have no friends. Yes, there are people who care about me from different times of my life that I could turn to if I needed to, but everyone lives far away. I don't have any local, just-call-each-other-up-spur-of-the-moment-let's-do-lunch, kinds of friends. Or people with whom I can just be, without having to work at it.

3. There are a handful of blogs that I check every day (sometimes more than once) hoping for a new post. I wonder if anyone does that with this blog and is disappointed when there is nothing new.

4. I am absolutely in love with my Baby Girl and would love nothing more than for my only job to be caring for her. I will always put her first, but balancing that call and this pastor gig is trying on my spirit.

5. I am an ISFJ on Myers-Briggs. My husband tested as an ENTJ (I think--I can't remember the middle letters for sure). He is so not a J and that drives me crazy! My J self is also very annoyed at my lack of time right now to get my house into the mode it needs to be a calm place of refuge for me.


mompriest said...

I'm in the same boat as you, with the no friend thing (I left them all behind when I moved here)'s so very hard! I have found loads of good friends via blogging - but as you say, can't call 'um up for lunch of a cup of coffee...

Sally said...

I understand the no friend thing, and the need to check blogs, like mompriest I have many blogging friends.

Sarah S-D said...

i've been there on the no friends thing... the six years in the parish... well... at least four of those years the friend thing was tough.

i am WAY behind on my blog feeds... um baby care and studying and housework, oh my! but i generally read your posts as soon as they come up! like today for instance... others accumulate and accumulate... not yours.

Not Fainthearted said...

Having those personal-space friends is challenging in ministry but it is SO VITAL for our long-term health and well-being!!

Prayers that you find the people in your path that can be that circle of support and friendship for you!

esperanza said...

I am an ISFJ too! There aren't too many of us, it seems.

And I hear you on the friends thing...they are all too far away.

Songbird said...

Ah, I hope you will find a friend or two in person, soon!

Young Seeker said...

'allo Silent! Have you ever tried establishing a skype connection? That way, it's like you are sitting in the same room with someone and it's completely free using a webcam! It's how I stay in touch with friends on the east coast while I am almost all the way west... and yes, there are some out there who check your blog on a regular basis and give a small *sigh* when it's a post they've already read... :)

Jessica said...

Yes. Your hubbie is a VERY BIG P. Not an ounce of J in that man. I know Ps and he is one of us. We proudly claim him. Which makes him... an ENTP? Your total opposite? Yeah, I can see that. :-)

Also... :-( I wish you some local friends, stat. Too bad Julie moved to IC.

And as to the blog thing... *cough*joinfacebook*cough*