Saturday, August 15, 2009

Big H, little h, what begins with H?

Hungry horse, hen in hat...H, h, H*

  • House ~ I'm grateful that we have a house, a nice house, probably more house than we need.
  • Home ~ But a house isn't the same as a home for me. We have a home, a place where there is love and family and togetherness.
  • Home for my words ~ I'm grateful for this blog, for a place to write and how it has helped me connect with others.
  • Help ~ It's hard for me to ask for help, but when it's offered in love, I'm grateful.
  • Hands ~ When I think about it, it's pretty amazing what hands can do.
  • Heat (but not HOT weather) ~ I am usually cold, so I'm grateful for some heat. But I'm not crazy about hot, humid weather. I'm thinking more about winter here and how grateful I am for our wood burner and how toasty warm our house can get.
*Dr. Seuss

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