Sunday, August 02, 2009

Big E, Little E, what begins with E?

Ear, egg, elephant...E, e, E*

  • Email ~ I have never, ever been a telephone person. I'm so glad to have email ~ especially for work stuff. I'd much rather send the email than make a call when possible.
  • Electricity ~ I take it for granted, I know. E's a hard letter for me--guess that's why I thought of it.
  • Elephants ~ I probably only thought of them because of Dr. Seuss, but they are pretty amazing creatures.
  • Eyes and ears ~ do I really need to comment on this one?
  • Evenings, especially ones with no meetings this time of year ~ I hate winter for lots of reasons, but primarily because it gets dark so early and I tend to have more meetings. I love having it be light after supper, with free time to decide how to spend. These days, it usually involves outside playtime, a bath, bed for baby, then tidying up the house. Sitting with a cool breeze blowing through the house, the house tidy, the sun gradually setting, time to read or blog or just relax, ahh...

*Thanks to Dr. Seuss

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