Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Few Words

Yesterday was my day off and since Hubby is out of town for his summer job, Baby Girl and I were home alone all day. And, I suddenly realized, at least one reason it is so exhausting to be home with her alone all day. There are so few words.

When I'm home alone alone, I usually have the tv on for background noise. I don't want her watching tv, so I don't have it on. Other spaces, I usually have the radio on if I'm alone. When I'm in the office, even if there's no talking, I'm still surrounded by words--written though, either on computer or in books.

Baby Girl says a few words, but more or less, the only words are in the books we read (which though there are many books, the vocabularly is still quite limited) or in the words I say. And when it comes to spoken words, being surrounded by only mine--not so exciting.

Hmm, guess we should listen to the radio. But Grandma J. comes tomorrow for about 2 weeks, so there will be words again!

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Sarah S-D said...

that's well said friend, as was your last post.

i let caroline see t.v.. i'd go nutty if i didn't. but usually just beginning and end of day. lots of quiet (or not quiet, but not words) in between. i used to always have to have background noise- t.v. or radio- but i'm learning to be more o.k. with the quiet(ish). i do find every day alone with her to be exhausting though. and this may be part of why. for the extrovert in me this is a solid theory.