Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Big B, little b, What Begins with B?

Barber, baby, bubbles, and a bumblebee*

  • Babies ~ I wrote about my baby girl yesterday and I'm most grateful for her, but all babies give me so much hope. They remind me of possibilities and love and newness. There is nothing more precious to me that snuggling a tiny one.
  • Breast milk ~ I am so grateful for these months that I have had plenty of breast milk to nourish my little one. I know everyone is not so lucky. Right now it is bittersweet as we are nearing being fully weaned -- just nursing once a day. I'll miss it when we are done completely.
  • Boppies ~ These make nursing so much easier. I'm not sure I could have nursed so long without having one!
  • Bed ~ I love to sleep. I'm grateful for a soft cozy bed and warm covers.
  • Butterflies ~ I have a little card with a butterfly pin on that says this, "Butterflies are a reminder to us that the world flutters with new possibilities." I have it hanging near my desk. I often need the reminder!
  • Bees ~ Though bees also terrify me a little bit, I love to look at the big fluffy ones that look like they'd be soft to touch. I also enjoy the fruits of the bee's labor, particularly honey.
  • Bread ~ Fresh bread--nothing like it.
  • Bananas ~ on the green side or in banana bread, or watching Baby Girl's excitement to have one to eat
  • B, Baby Girl's beloved babysitter ~ While Baby Girl will go to a new daycare this fall, we are so blessed that Baby Girl was in B's wonderful and loving hands for so much of her first year. I will always be grateful for that.

*Thanks to Dr. Seuss

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Sarah S-D said...

breastmilk bags ~ sent lovingly by you to us (with SO many other wonderful goodies too! they arrived today, just moments after i thought... hmm... my supply might be getting to the point where i could freeze some... what shall i use?! hooray! the clothes were a lovely surprise. we love those bubble outfits, thanks for the suggestion about warming them up.) truly you are astoundingly generous to offer so much in such an overwhelming time for you. blessings as you wean. that must be so hard.