Friday, January 05, 2007

RevGalBlogPals Friday Five

Okay--it's a new year, time to try something first foray into the Friday Five!

1. "It's my party and I'll [blank] if I want to..."
Favorite way to celebrate your birthday (dinner with family? party with friends? a day in solitude?)

I want to be able to celebrate with my family. A nice dinner sounds good. My husband remembering the day is also helpful. (In his defense, he remembers, he's usually just a day early. The only time he's ever early!)

2. "You say it's your birthday... it's my birthday too, yeah..."
Do you share your birthday with someone famous?
Maria Montessori ~ I thought that was especially cool when I was in early childhood education classes.
Debbie Gibson ~ This was even cooler when I was in junior high and she was big.

3. "Lordy Lordy look who's forty..."
Milestone birthdays:
a) just like any other birthday--they're just numbers, people.
b) a good opportunity to look back/take stock
c) enjoy the black balloons--I'll be hiding under a pile of coats until the day is over
d) some combination of the above, or something else entirely.

A, I guess. The milestones I've hit haven't seemed a big deal. Ask next year.

4. "Happy birthday, dear... Customer..."
Have you ever been sung to in a restaurant? Fun or cringe-worthy?

I know I have...must have been somewhat cringe-worthy. Otherwise I'd have better memories of it.

5. "Take my birthday--please"
Tell me one advantage and one disadvantage about your particular birthday (e.g. birthday in the summer--never had to go to school; birthday near Christmas--the dreaded joint presents)
EDITED TO ADD: This could also simply be something you like/dislike about your birthday (e.g. I like sharing a birthday with my best friend, etc.).

Disadvantage ~ It seems that my birthday always falls on a weekday, which means school or work. And, more often than not, this now means that I often have to work in the evening which eliminates the spending time with my family that day.
Advantage ~ My best friend and I share a birthday, which is cool. Our moms shared a hospital room when we were born. She's two hours older. We ended up not meeting until junior high but became instant friends that have stood the test of time.


Deb said...

ROFL on your husband's memory. I have actually programmed my husband's computer to send him a reminder 2 weeks before. Worked like a charm. :)


chartreuseova said...

One year (after we had been married for several years) I apologized to my husband in September for missing his birthday.

He said no apology was necessary...his birthday wasn't until November so I still had 2 more months. While I still can't remember half the time if it's the 12 or 14th, I do at least get the month right now.

Swandive said...

Welcome to the F5 silent. Blessings.

Iris said...

Great play! I love the story of you and your best friend!

Leah said...

Congrats on your First Friday Five! Fun play, too!

hipchickmamma said...

wow! that is an awesome story about your best friend and your moms sharing a room at the hospital! very cool!

Songbird said...

Thanks for playing! I sent you an e-mail about RevGals. Welcome!

more cows than people said...

ditto hipchickmamma's reaction to your best friend story- wow!


will smama said...

Wow, cool story about you and your best friend.

Welcome to the revgals!

the reverend mommy said...

Welcome to the RevGalBlogosphere!

Cathy said...

Welcome to RevGalBlogPals. Glad you joined this great group of folks. Welcome!

Preacher Woman from Minnesota said...

Welcome to RevGals...ya, you betcha, I'm from the Midwest as well. I look forward to reading more, don'tcha know...

Melissa said...

Welcome to Revgals!!! Looking forward to hearing your voice here.