Monday, February 04, 2013

Chocolate Fail

We are hosting an event at our house on Saturday--a group that rotates once a month. We've been doing theme nights--Mexican, Italian, etc. I had this 'brilliant' idea to try a chocolate theme (in honor of Valentine's Day and also a last weekend before Lent thing).

As the hosts, we provide 'main course' food. So, I found some recipes and experimented...

1. Cocoa enhanced sloppy joes -- I managed to eat mine and thought it was okay. Hubby ate his even though he didn't like it at all. Thing 1 (formerly known as Baby Girl who is not so much baby--pushing 5--how did that happen!?!) ate one bite and spit it out. Thing 2 (aka Precious, my baby who is staunchly toddler more than baby, closer to 2 than 1, already had some temper tantrums worthy of the terrible twos, talk about wondering how quickly we got here!)ate hers--she will eat ANYTHING! I froze the rest and planned to serve them anyhow--but accidentally thawed them on the counter for days, so no. In my defense, they were in the same kind of non-see-through container that I also had cookies frozen in and I thought I was taking those out of the freezer!

2. Cocoa curry chicken rub--again, okay. Not good. Don't think so.

3. Chocolate nut pasta--which I didn't really read the recipe for when I started it. I didn't expect dessert until I got to 3 1/2 cups of powdered sugar!! It was a pain to make and the worst part was/is that it really doesn't taste good. Bummer.

4. Have a recipe for chicken mole--I'm going to make it and hope for the best!! Well, I plan to make it Thursday night or Friday and if it's horrible, one of the Mexican restaurants here has got to have it on the menu.

Oh well, it was fun trying new things. But--next time it's our turn to host, hubby will have to pick the theme.

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