Thursday, August 19, 2010

Balance and Guilt

So as I'm settling into my new call, my new home, my new life...I'm trying to find a new balance. A new balance in which guilt about not being good enough at anything seems to lurk just below the surface. And so, this afternoon, for this hour I'm sitting on my couch--home alone. I need to clean and organize and file at home; I need to write a sermon--ideally by 4 p.m. today so that it doesn't bleed into family time. But I need this too--just sitting in my home watching design tv. So I am--even though I could be wasting time in my office pretending to work. I'm trying not to feel guilty. I will go back to work soon and will really work. And my sermon will be done by Sunday morning--well Saturday evening this week as I'm preaching at a service then. I will spend the time I need to with my family. And stuff at home will get done when it gets done. I'll keep learning this balance. One design show at a time. Ha!


kathrynzj said...

Be gentle with yourself. SO much is new.

Someone who just had to be told this herself :)

Jessica said...

You always get it done. I have faith in you. :-)

Wendy said...

Sometimes we just need to chill. I always feel guilty when I have babysitting and I don't spend my time absolutely productively, but then I remember that part of being productive, for me, is also giving myself time to just exist.

And thanks for stopping by my place. The evening was nice, though I may have made a few of those blundering social errors that Jules (You Win Some You Learn Some) talked about a few posts ago. Oh well.