Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Wasting Time

I'm wasting time--feel like I must stay in the office a bit longer, but I'm very distracted so know I will get nothing productive done. Right now, my husband is about 15 minutes into a job interview. We are both anxious, though he is probably calmer than me at the moment. He is such a people person (yeah...I know, says the pastor who has contact with people all the time). But he is much more energetic and outgoing, especially when meeting new people. We both really want him to get this job and both really want him not to. It's not really in an ideal location, but he'd get to be a principal and I'd get to leave my job. If he does get it, I will probably try to get a another call as there is currently a church open 20 miles from the school. But, if I don't get that, we could probably afford for me to not work or maybe get a part-time job on weekends/evenings--not church-related, or supply preach or somthing. And...for good or bad, they told him that they expect the district to close completely within a few years. (Right now there is an elementary building...at 7th grade the kids can pick one of a few neighboring districts. There is a shared superintendent; he's interviewing for the principal job.) A few years of experience would be good; then we could move where he'd really want to. Baby Girl will be in school and I could go back to work if I haven't already. I want it to go well for him, but it's scary too. "How is it living life on the edge?" a friend asked me today. I just want to know which way we'll fall off I guess. At least with schools, he'll know soon enough. Probably as early as Friday (they told him they are doing interviews Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday). So...just a bit more waiting.


Songbird said...

I hope it went well!!!

Jessica said...

Good luck to both of you!!!!