Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Back to Work

So I am back to work after a week off and am procrastinating the piles on my desk, so...some thoughts from the past week.
  • Hubby had "Spring Break" so I took the week off too. It was so nice for the three of us to just be home together.
  • We had a 'to-do' list a mile long, none of which was church work.
  • We got much of it done, though not the one major task I wanted to accomplish.
  • I did not do church work until Monday night! Couldn't help thinking about church, but avoided it pretty well.
  • We took Baby Girl to the park for the first time. It was finally warm enough! She giggled and giggled as she rode in a big girl swing. She wasn't sure of the slide that we went down together. But it was a wonderful family outing!
  • We went to a friend's wedding and spent the night in that town about 2 hours from our place. We left Baby Girl at our home with Grandma (my mom) for about 23 hours. It was my first time away from Baby Girl overnight and only the second time I wasn't there when she went to bed. It was difficult, but not horrible. I was only a bit weepy when I saw the babies at the reception. The worst part was figuring out timing for pumping and storage of milk as I'm still nursing. I flipped through photos of her on hubby's iPhone a few times throughout the day and right before bed. Unfortunately the bed at the hotel wasn't very comfy, so I didn't have hours of uninterrupted sleep as I hoped. I was very happy to get home and she was happy to see me. She snuggled into me like she usually only does when she is really tired and let me hold her and sit down for a while. She usually likes to be on the move!
  • Speaking of being on the move...her crawling is now rapid, even on slippery floors...AND, she is walking! Her walks are about 10 steps before plopping down. If she has a destination, she will continue to it by crawling, but if there is anything to pull up on nearby, she'll do that first. She is starting to get brave and adventurous. The things just beyond reach and that are 'no-no's are now the most exciting. But she is smart and beautiful and healthy. She will be 10 months old next week and currently weighs 21 pounds and is 28 inches long, well into 12 month sized clothing...still short but catching up on height.
  • I so needed the time away and though I don't want to be doing work right now, I have a bit of steam to get me through a little longer anyway.


Jessica said...

On the last bullet: YAY.

m said...

How exciting to see the baby's progress! It makes me think about our child development classes at Wartburg. :)

Young Seeker said...

AWWW... thank you for updating on the growth of BG - sooo exciting about the park/family outing!
Away 23 hours deserves an award :D
And most importantly - WAY TO GO on taking a deserved break!

Rev Scott said...

Our Alanna is just behind your BG: crawling, pulling up on things, but not close to walking yet (thank heaven for small favors). It's a time to treasure, isn't it?

Thanks for stopping by my place. I have a feeling we have met or should meet IRL - email me sometime either way, okay?