Monday, October 27, 2008


I'm about a week later than I thought I would be to post this, but...such is life. Anyway, I had an odd experience last week. I attended my synod's fall theological conference, something I generally do every year--not only because it's expected, but I generally like conferences. This year, I met someone whose blog I read occasionally, a blog I found via RevGals. His blog is not anonymous at all. In fact, when I read it, I remember thinking, "Oh...I could potentially meet him." But I didn't really expect to. So, at fall conference, we end up sitting at a table for a meal and having to make conversation. I felt so weird, asking questions I normally would when I first meet someone, but some for which I knew the answer. I felt like I was lying. I debated internally, but didn't know how to say, "Yeah, I've read your blog..." without saying, "I have a blog." I wouldn't care if he knew I had a blog or even if some of the people who were also at the table knew, but I didn't want all of them to know--especially as my blog is anonymous. But I still feel I should have let him know that I've read his blog.

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