Saturday, June 07, 2008

One Week

Anyone who's read this blog at all over the past few months knows that I've managed to make every post about my baby due at the end of June. This is no exception, but this post really deserves to be about my precious baby.

One week ago today, Saturday morning at 6:30 a.m., I woke up and had to use the bathroom. I did, came back to bad, had an awful charlie horse which my husband helped me to get rid of. The next thing I knew, my water broke.

I jumped up and ran to the bathroom. I had planned to pack my hospital bag later that day--well, I franticly packed a bag after calling the doctor and waiting for a return call.

My doctor called back and told me to go to the hospital, which we did. I was admitted and we waited. We took a few walks around the birth center floor. I was monitored both for uterine contractions and baby heartbeat. Since I was just short of 36 weeks and had not yet been re-checked for Group B strep, I had to be given antibiotics as a precaution.

I was apparently having contractions, but I wasn't feeling them and they also weren't too productive. About 11 a.m., my doctor ordered pitocin basically to induce labor. Not much happened until about 4 p.m. when things really started moving. The doctor came to check on me and her first words were, "Holy Cow" ~ I was dilated 4-5 cm and really had no complaints about pain. They kept having to increase the pitocin. I was having contractions--clearly feeling them but they weren't nearly as bad as I expected. And things really started going at 5 p.m. About 6 p.m., my contractions were starting to be on top of each other and I really wanted to push but we had to wait for the doctor. She arrived around then, I guess--based on what I heard later.

After 45 minutes of pushing (which to me felt more like 15 if I would have had to guess), my beautiful baby girl was placed on my tummy at 6:58 p.m. A neonatologist had been brought in for the delivery too ~ I heard them say that he was in the room, but I had my eyes closed so didn't see him until he said that he was leaving because all looked fine. The nurse for the baby came down from the NICU just to make sure, but my precious baby was 6 lbs 1.2 oz, 18 1/2 in. long, with an APGAR score of 8-9 (out of 10). So even though she was early, she was in great shape and we could go to the regular nursery and postpartum room.

They had planned to hold a shower at church for me on Sunday, so my mom happened to be in town. We called her to come in to see her first grandbaby (biological at least--two stepgrandchildren who came into our lives at a bit older stage of life).

We came home on Monday evening. Tonight my precious girl is one week old ~ and doing great. It's been a blur; it's been amazing; it's been unbelievable. We are so blessed.


Jessica said...

Yayyyyy!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to meet her and see you being a mommy. And help out with some things, if necessary/possible. We should talk more about when I'm coming --my calendar tells me Tuesday. :-)

Songbird said...

I am so happy for you!!! All the best to baby and mama and all concerned!!

Mary Beth said...

How fabulous! So glad things went well, though early!

Anonymous said...

hi there
congrats! i had my baby boy 3 weeks early on may 19... 6 lbs, 1 oz, 19 inches long! enjoy!

Sally said...


Hot Cup Lutheran said...

how terrific! you are richly blessed indeed!

Sarah S-D said...

Hallelujah again! So happy for you.

Singing Owl said...

There is absolutely NOTHING that seems as precious and amazing as a newborn! Enjoy this "tiny" time because it will be gone so very soon. Congratulatins!