Thursday, February 28, 2008

Time to Join Facebook?

Yesterday I received a very excited email from my older sister, who (apparently) is on Facebook. I may have known this; I may not have. She was excited because a friend had found her and emailed her. This friend had lived with us for a year when she and my sister were high school seniors and I was a seventh grader. Said friend was from Finland. She became part of our family--in fact, she and I looked more like sisters than my sister and I do! We visited Finland and her family a year or so later. We kept in touch for many years, sending Christmas gifts and birthday cards. And then we lost touch. I think my mom still sends Christmas cards, but to no reply. Until yesterday, when my sister received an email from her. That doesn't sound nearly as exciting as it is...I'll have to write more about this friend soon (and come up with some fun pseudonyms for this blog...)!

For today, I've been making a list about whether or not to join Facebook. And I can't decide if these reasons are pros or cons!

~ I'm a pastor, a public figure. Do I want to be even MORE public? But at the same time, could I use this to connect with the youth of my congregation? Or even tech savvy adults?

~ My sister and some friends are on it. But I connect with most of them by email or other ways. Unless there are people on it who I don't know are on it.

~ My teenage stepdaughter is on it, I think. Would she 'friend' me? (I think that's how it goes.) Would that be good or bad?

~ It's another online way to suck away my time. (And another username and password to remember.)

~ Who knows who might find me? But now that we are able to be in touch with said friend, is there anyone else I want to reconnect with for whom this is the most likely way?

So, any readers out there, what do you think? For Facebook or against?


more cows than people said...

o.k., i joined sometime in the fall and i love it. it has been a good way to connect with youth in the congregation. i have found long lost friends and delighted in finding them. and i love, love, love playing scrabulous and a few other choice applications. it is good stuff. i vote for you going for it.

Songbird said...

Lots of RevGals are on it. If you're worried about being too public, you can limit full view of your profile to "friends." People can still find you in a name search, but you have control of whether they see everything on your page.
Come over to the dark si--I mean, Facebook! It's time to throw sheep!