Friday, October 06, 2006

Things About Me, Part I

1. I've been thinking that I should write "100 Things About Me" since my first entry.
2. I'm not sure I'll ever come up with 100 things about me to say.
3. It really annoys me that I didn't blog in September because now on the blog archive list, September doesn't appear.
4. I've taken various forms of the Myers-Briggs test numerous times since high school and always come out an ISFJ.
5. I'm using this post to procrastinate doing things that are much more important.
6. I have never had a pet (unless you count the three fish I picked out that lived at our house for two weeks before my husband took the fish tank to school and promptly killed two of them).
7. I miss being a student.
8. I want to rearrange my office, but this is really the only way all the furniture fits.
9. I want one room in my house that I don't have to share.
10. I have lost many loved ones, but lately I miss my grandma the most.

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