Wednesday, November 28, 2012


To start ~ the first word I was given was "color." As I thought of that, the beautiful brown color of my daughter's eyes came to mind. Then, "faces" ~ again, my beautiful girls. But instead, I'm letting those words "percolate" for something more. Ha!

Or rather, I'm writing about time because that's what has been on my mind.

I'm struggling with time. I'm unfortunately good at wasting or killing time. I know...MaryAnn says that's a horrible phrase. It is...but it feels like the right word right now. If I used my time better, I could get more done--stuff that needs to get done but sucks the life out of me because it's not. (Read--clean the piles of crap off my desk!)

And then weeks like this, where I'm not wasting as much but there's still not enough time! I've gotten to get my sermon written soon. I'd like to do it today as Saturday is busy with a church commitment. Friday I'd like to keep as my day off--which may involve household chores--but also a family trip to the library and as little mind-intensive work as possible. And tomorrow--well, here's the irony. I don't have time to write a sermon tomorrow because I'm going to an all day event sponsored by our synod with the title, "There's Not Enough Time!"

I have so much more I want to say about time, but since my sermon must get written, this will have to wait!

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