Thursday, July 26, 2012

What month is it?

I was meeting with a couple in my office last night and realized that my wall calendar still says June. At this point, I decided to switch it to August!

So life is right now...too busy, as always.

But here are highlights...

Precious is doing awesome! Only restriction now is to not let her suck on anything (so no straws, no sippy cups with valves, no bottles/pacifiers/thumb, etc.) for a few months. We don't see the surgeon again until December. She's never been into her thumb or pacifiers (well--we didn't let her be); we finished with bottles a few months ago, and she's never used a straw or sippy cup with valve so no biggie. We won't know about need for more surgery or not until after December. Now I just need to not be so worried and let her try to eat more real food. But she only has 2 teeth--so I worry about moving too quickly from purees. She understands a TON, doesn't have too many real words but is making more sounds and signs and is definitely able to make her needs/wants known! She often wants to sit on the potty (which we are allowing but not trying to train in anyway--she's only 15 months next week) and often shows she needs a new diaper by lifting her shirt and heading to the bathroom. She loves the outside and will bring us her shoes multiple times a day--even when it's 110 degrees outside!

She is an amazing traveler who went with my husband and I and our 33,000 closest friends to the ELCA Youth Gathering in New Orleans. 17 hours on a bus each direction and she had very few tears or tantrums either on the bus or at the gathering itself. Baby Girl had time with my in-laws and loved it but was very glad to have all of us back home!

In the office this week--supposedly writing a sermon for August 5th--as I prepare to head to Chicago for continuing ed. I figured Baby Girl would fall apart if I left again so soon, so she and Precious and my mom will be going with me. When the conference ends, we are heading north to see family for a short visit and will get home in the evening on Saturday the 4th.

Where did the summer go?


Katherine Willis Pershey said...

Woohoo! You have to introduce yourself, because I seriously have NO idea who you are. But I am really looking forward to meeting you.

So glad your daughter is recovering so well.

Wendy said...

Glad precious is doing so well, and it sounds like Baby Girl is, too. So great you can take them with you for the next thing (though a week away from it all can be good, too--just not too often).