Saturday, May 19, 2012

"Hi God!"

Tonight, Baby Girl had her first dance recital. On the way home, she suddenly exclaimed, "It's my favorite colors--orange and purple and pinkish-blueish." I commented on the beginnings of sunset above the clouds. (It was, in fact, quite pretty.) Then the conversation went like this:

Baby Girl: It is pretty. I can even see the people in the world.

Me: Really? Wow!

Baby Girl: (with a serious expression as she looks at me) I can even see God!

Me: I'm so glad.


Baby Girl: (excitedly) Hi God!

Me: Did you know God can see you?

Baby Girl: Hi God! (looking at me pouting-ly) I can't hear God.

Me: I know sweetie, but God can see you. God is always with us.

That's as far as it went as we turned into the driveway of the place we stopped for ice cream to celebrate the recital night!

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