Saturday, November 20, 2010

Toddler TMI

Baby Girl may not like this so much, but it's on my mind right now. We are slowly trying to make progress on potty training. Which is much harder than I thought because this girl is so smart--and always seems to know when she goes. My mom was visiting this week and so we kept Baby Girl home from daycare so that they could work just on potty training. I thought it'd work. Not so much.

Currently Baby Girl is on a poop every other day kind of schedule. (Which is amazing since I recall the first time a changed a diaper without poop! I think she was 9 months old.) Anyway...she was due to poop on Friday and didn't. So when she was moaning and crying Mommy at midnight, I thought it was because the poop was finally coming. She didn't try to sit up at first, so I lay by her and rubbed her tummy and tried to be soothing--not sure what was going on. Finally, she says, "I want to go wee-wee on the potty." So we got up, she sat on her potty--almost falling asleep--and peed.

She can wake up to pee, but doesn't know in advance during the day? Huh?

I know I'm just ready for her to be done with diapers!


Sarah S-D said...

hope it clicks soon! hope you get a bit of diaper free time! c makes a bit of progress and then loses interest. we're not really trying to train her. but... maybe we should.

Silent said...

Yes, I'd like diaper free time, but more than that, I don't want to deal with potty training and possible jealous feelings at the same time. I figure one of those will be hard enough!