Friday, July 23, 2010

BIGGEST Frustration in Moving

So, it's now official. The biggest frustration in moving EVER. My husband. You'd think I'd expect things to go this way--we've been married 9 years (next Wed. in fact) and been together about 13 years. I should know better than to trust anything he says about what he will get accomplished. And he comes by it genetically--so when I put my new house in the hands of him and his parents while I try to do my job (wedding rehearsal)--I should expect that virtually nothing that they say will get done will. My mom is here so she has had Baby Girl in her care and done TONS of packing. So that's been good--mostly. But Baby Girl is in the throes of terrible twos, she's certainly confused by all this, she fought sleep for over an hour tonight which is very unusual. My husband's words were "I will stay in the new house until all the painting is done so that we are ready to move Saturday when we have help.", immediately after closing, we picked the colors--2 whole rooms, and 1/2 of another. I helped with that and unloading the bit we had in my car and headed back to old home so I could do wedding rehearsal. So at 9 p.m., 1 room painted--and they are done for the night, but no worries--we'll paint it after we move the stuff. We had decided that we needed the rooms painted before we moved the stuff in! Oh--and he had planned to come to old home tonight, but now isn't. I am so frustrated. I don't know if any of this makes sense. And I guess it doesn't matter if it makes sense--because it doesn't matter what I think either--at least not about this.


Jessica said...

Thinking of you!!!!!!!!!!

Mary Beth said...

I had a conversation with my husband this very morning about the "honey do's" that I had plotted to PAY to have someone do while he was at Sturgis motorcycle rally this week. Yeah, right. He ended up not going because of too much work (it was ever thus).

If I hire someone to do the things while he was here, he criticizes the work, the worker, the price. But he works too much to get them done himself.

Some of these items are going on 11 years now & include nonfunctional light fixtures, sagging ceilings, broken windows. Heater that won't heat.

Did I mention I love him very much? :) Sigh.