Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Frustrations in Moving, Part 2

House hunting--maybe? I found an awesome house on-line. From what I can tell on-line. I really really want to go see it, but we don't have ours ready to list yet. And, do we call a realtor we know? Especially since we are going to try to sell on our own. Or do we just call for an appointment? Or do we wait? Ugh.

I have too many books--too, too many. I am in the midst of boxing and packing and I have so many. I just want to be done packing my office!

And I'm packing to procrastinate the sermon writing. My final sermon here is this weekend. I have a one paragraph idea of what I want to say. It needs to be longer, but I just can't get into it. It will come--it always does.


Jessica said...

I have some recent experience on this front... I'd say this: if there is a realtor you know and like, call them up! S/he can be your buyer's agent (no commission) and your seller's agent (with commission) and this will cut way down on the amount of work you need to do yourself. They can also find other similar listings in your target area.

Will you send me the link to the house you love? :-)

Silent said...

The problem is that all the realtors I know are members of my current congregation and since this will certainly stretch into the new place time...I'm a bit hesitant.

New carpet comes in tomorrow. Did I write about the need for that?

One step at a time.

Sarah S-D said...

how did the sermon go?

have you checked out the house yet?

sorry i'm so behind.

much love to you.