Saturday, December 08, 2007


I hate winter. The darkness depresses me. The cold depresses me. I want to curl up under my covers and read a good book or a magazine. Anything but work. I'd rather clean my house than work. This sermon does not want to come. And then I feel like a horrible, awful person--like I'm not good at anything. And that depresses me and I get even less done.

I'm working at changing some of my habits to be healthier. I'm eating better--relatively. I'm exercising more--relatively. But I haven't figured out how to change the mental habits yet. I'm working at it--finding a way to create a schedule that doesn't put me in a position to feel like a schmuck because I'm writing a sermon on Saturday morning for Saturday night and feeling like it sucks and I suck.

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RevDrKate said...

It is a dark time literally and it can depress people....literally! Sometimes it helps to lower the bar and be a bit more compassionate with know the old line...if we treated our friends like we do ourselves...we would not have any? True for me, I know, more than I'd like to admit. Prayers for you in the struggle.